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The True ElixirIonized Water - the Fountain of Youth

You are 62% Water: But not all drinking water is created equally. Why not give your family, your friends and yourself the best?

Healing Ways

Who is Cathetel?

The Angel of the Garden: Open your heart and she will heal a deserving innocent of the Garden of Earth.

Can music heal?

This voice will generate a healing force within you: This is not a joke. This is real. You must listen.

Breathing Partner

Breathe to Live: Nourish your body and mind by effective breathing.

Can Shapes Heal?

Healing Circles: Stable fulfilled shapes, such as circles, combined with low frequency vibrations, such as chanting, can soothe the inner self, initiating and preparing for healing of the body. It is an old idea in a new form brought to you to help you with your mindful meditations.


Professional Services Diets, Mental Health, Cures, Information, Women's Health.

Innovative Healing

Chill Therapy: an unknown technique that involves the generating of "chills" through imagery. The purpose is to establish communication with the trillions of body cells which have a seemingly infinite capacity to heal the body. ca6794j2

Guardians among us

The guardians have appeared in many guises including tiny angels. Usually they help and show great compassion to our weak races. They have appeared in many forms throughout the history of the earth. Our ancient ancestors knew of the visitors and their crafts, and from time to time they fought celestial wars in the skies, leaving remnants of their passage. From time to time they have taken on roles, as apparitions, often appearing as and sometimes identifying themselves as the Virgin Mary.

Ranchers of the Earth

Our visitors have not always been the most compassionate or caring guests. Often they have agendas which do not seem to make sense. They are concerned about our children, and will often steal them from us. Among the nocturnal visitors there have been shadowy creatures of uncertain intent. They come and go from other dimensions, and sometimes leave their castaways with us. They have a tendency to show concern and care for their flocks, demonstrating an ability to initiate otherworldly healings.

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